Dear Scientists,

We would be grateful for inviting you to International Scientific Researches Congress 2019 Tbilisi / Uluslararası Bilimsel Araştırmalar Kongresi 2019 Tiflis which is planned to execute between the 18th-20th April hosted by Gumushane University, Yunus Emre Institute and Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University.

There will be oral, virtual and poster presentations where lots of topics will be held related to Social Sciences and “Social Sciences” thematic exhibition activity will appear. We believe that the Congress by which we can find the opportunity to meet precious scientists who are expert on their area share their valuable ideas, projects and current information about Social Sciences will be more effective and beneficial with your participation.

The evaluation process of the papers submitted to be presented at the congress will be started immediately and the "Acceptance Letter" will be forwarded to the author (s) after the evaluation.

The "Abstracts Book", which contains abstracts of the papers, will be given during the congress. The "Congress Proceedings Book will be published electronically in 2019.

In addition to the scientific share, we hope to have unforgettable moments and offer love and respect sincerely in the Congress that will take place in Tbilisi where is one of the most special regions of our country with its historical and natural beauty.

Assoc. Prof. Salih YILDIZ